2017 GSSF Jackson

- July 31

GSSF Competition Jackson
First:      Saturday August 5, 2017
Second:  Saturday September 2, 2017
Third:     Saturday October 14, 2017

You must be a GSSF member to compete. If you are not already a member you can sign up online or the day of the match. A yearly membership is $35.

There is an additional fee to shoot each match. Your first match is $20. Your second match is $15. Your third match is $10. ** You must shoot 2 of the 3 matches to be scored and entered to win the GLOCK.**
You will fire 50 rounds. You will provide your own ammo.
Please bring 3-5 magazines.
2 - 5 round mags 
4 - 10 round mags Can be preloaded at home for the competition. 
If you do not have multiple magazines, please let your RSO know when you get on the range.

ALL guns and magazines should be unloaded until you are on the range and under the supervision of the RSO. Guns must be either be holstered, in a bag, or Glock box. Any question of scoring goes in favor of the shooter. Final say on the score goes to the Host Range. Once you sign the score sheet the score is final.

Contestants will be scored in either the Stock or Unlimited category and broken into three classes. The top shooter in each class will be awarded a prize. The Gun will be given away in a drawing of all eligible contestants.

FOR MORE INFO. Please see the the official website: 

If you have any questions please email ranae.knapp@rangeusa.com. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.