NextGen Parent/Child Nights in October!

- September 3

Range USA is passionate about the 2nd Amendment. We are also passionate about family! To promote both of these passions, Range USA is starting our "NextGen Dinner Dates" events. Of course, everyone knows that the next generation needs to be educated about our 2nd Amendment - what it means, how to defend it, how to exercise it and why it is imperative for the continuation of this country. And, everyone knows the importance of family. There are many relationships in the family structure that are unique and need to be encouraged and nurtured. For example, there is a special bond between a father and son. And, there is a very special bond between a mother and daughter. But, there is also a unique and beautiful bond between a father and daughter and a mother and son. These relationships are all different and none any less than another. Range USA wants to offer special times to bond as both family members and those who see the importance in and exercise of our 2nd Amendment. Starting this month, 1776 will be offering these NextGen Dinner Dates as special times for these family members to enjoy a delicious meal in 1776 together and also enjoy some time on the shooting range together. These will be affordable dates that will foster communication and will give children and parents something to do together. So, get out of the house, get away from the TV, put down the electronics and enjoy a meaningful date with your child! Trust me, they'll love the time alone with you! 

Parent and Child* nights! 
(*minor child-17 years old and younger)

November 14th


Cost $30.  Event includes one box of ammo, 2 targets, 2 daily specials from 1776 and an hour of lane time. 


Please contact Ranae Knapp ( to make your reservations. YOU MUST HAVE A RESERVATION!
Parents MUST HAVE shooting experience!