- September 4

We are now running a Groupon deal for a couple of our classes! Not just for the handgun carry permit class, but also for the Introduction to Handguns class! You can get a great deal on one or two people taking the class through the Groupon site or you can contact Range USA directly to sign up for these classes at the discounted price!

Introduction to Handguns for One (1) person - $35.00

Introduction to Handguns for Two (2) persons - $65.00

THCC for One (1) person - $49.00

THCC for Two (2) persons - $89.00

We are running an amazing deal on our Self-Defense Handgun Level I class, too! This SDHG I deal can only be purchased at Range USA directly – not through Groupon.

Self-Defense Handgun I for One (1) person - $75.00

Self-Defense Handgun I for Two (2) persons - $145.00

Contact us at the Range for these deals!


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