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Welcome to the Range USA Online Concealed Carry Class Information Page

With the growing demand for online concealed carry classes, our goal is to offer firearm owners all the available options to ensure their safety and those around them. Students who complete our online CCW class can genuinely shorten the learning curve of grasping key concepts during standard group classes and better understand topics such as firearms safety, fundamentals, and the laws/regulations for your selected state.

Our fully accredited and comprehensive online concealed carry classes were designed to complement your unique schedule, can be completed in the comfort of your home, and are entirely mobile-friendly.
*Students will have 1-Year to complete their online concealed carry class once purchased.

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Ohio Online CCW Class

Ohio Concealed Carry Online Course
Ohio Concealed Carry – Range Proficiency ONLY

Texas Online LTC CLass

Texas License to Carry Online Course
Texas License to Carry – Range Proficiency ONLY


  1. No Waiting Required When Enrolling in an Online CCW Class
  2. With the growing popularity of everyday concealed carry owners, finding an available class near you is becoming increasingly difficult.

    To ensure our customer's needs are being met, the firearm experts at Range USA have been busy creating high-quality online concealed carry classes (where available) in order to meet those growing demands.

    In addition to cutting the need for extended waiting periods, our online CCW classes also provide students plenty of time to digest the material, practice key fundamentals, and conduct their own research on firearm safety without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

  3. Online CCW Classes Provide Owners with Flexible Learning
  4. The rise of online learning has all but eliminated the need to incorporate in-person class times into your busy schedule. At Range USA, we believe this additional learning medium provides our customers more flexibility, freeing up their calendar for other responsibilities.

    Additionally, each online course purchased with Range USA is available for continued review one year after your initial purchase. This means that if you're unable to complete the course during the first two months of purchase, it's not an issue!

    To view a more comprehensive course list with additional information, times, and locations, please visit our official Range USA online classes webpage for more details.

  5. Take Your Online Firearm Course with You Anywhere
  6. Finding the available time or location for an in-person concealed carry class can be a significant factor for many firearm owners. With instant access anytime, anywhere, you can still access your course material and continue your progress as you see fit. *Even if you don't live near a Range USA location.

    Our course material is even available on mobile devices and tablets. Meaning customers who are always on the go or would traditionally have to commute long distances to attend an in-person class will be saving time and money!

Range USA Online CCW Classes

Improve your skills at the shooting range or at home with a Firearms Training Class

With the growing number of firearm purchases throughout the United States, now more than ever is the perfect opportunity for gun owners to increase their fundamental knowledge and maintain their status as responsible firearm owners.

Whether you've recently purchased your first firearm and are interested in learning the basics or are an experienced owner looking to advance your skill level, Range USA has you covered. Browse our complete Firearms Training Catalog and find which class is right for you.

Can't decide? Consider one of Range USA's top-selling firearms training and gun safety classes:

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