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Looking to improve your firearm skills? Looking for some additional training before you feel comfortable carrying your firearm? If so, this course is for you! With 2 hours in the classroom and 2 hours on the range, this course is one of a kind. During this course we will review the basics, drawing a firearm from a holster safely, magazine changes, situational awareness, what happens after a self-defense situation, malfunctions, and much more! This class will have hands on with demonstrations and practice with an inert firearm in the classroom. The course is limited to the first 10 students. Students will need: A firearm the student is comfortable shooting At least two magazines Course requires 200 rounds of ammunition Outside the Waistband Holster is required (No SERPA Holsters) Magazine Pouches are required Pants and a baseball cap are recommended attire Pre-requisites: Basic Handgun or Private Instruction *Class participants who are under the age of 21 must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance for the range portion of class. Parent/legal guardian must sign our Liability Waiver on behalf of the underage participant and must remain in the lane with them during the shooting portion of the class. All Range Rules apply.

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James L
Advanced Handgun

Excellent instructor and great course. Highly recommended for working on holster/draw and fire skills. 

Vincent M
Advanced Handgun Training

Recently attended the Advanced Shooting Class in Shorewood.  I found it very informative and especially liked the 'Live Fire from Holster' portion of class following the 2-hr classroom session.  I found myself afterwards wanting to perform more drills that I had learned from the class in order to become a better shooter!
As with any class, the students/audience you are teaching end up controlling the pace of instruction as a result of their current knowledge level and ability to digest the material.
Two Instructors presented the majority of the classroom material along with Senior Instructor Barb, who is excellent and helped keep the class on task bringing us back when we strayed off topic.
A CCW Insurance Carrier Rep also came in during the classroom session to discuss the importance of having CCW insurance for a few minutes.  Since I already had obtained CCW insurance along with some others in the class, I found only minor benefit preferring more Classroom/Range time rather than  comparing CCW plans.
Overall, I liked the class and will be considering a more individual 'Private Lesson' in the future!

Keith B
Great class

Took this class at Cypress, Texas location. Very good class

Pat D
Advanced Handgun

Advanced Handgun class at Hodgkins, Il. instructor Ben Godoy is the reason I took the class. I took his conceal carry class. His knowledge, experience and expertise made the class quite the learning experience, but its more than just that because Ben makes it fun too. I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to better themselves in accuracy and holster draw techniques and much more. Thanks Ben

Paul C
The Next step in Training

The Advanced Handgun class I took at the Shorewood location was fantastic. I had the pleasure of two instructors working in tandem with us and both with a wide range of information and training. Craig and James were our instructors, and between the classroom and on the range they helped us with the proper and safe ways to draw from a holster, present and fire. Great class and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to further their training.


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