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Complete the final range proficiency portion of your online concealed carry course!

Class participants who are under the age of 21 must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance for the range portion of class. Parent/legal guardian must sign our Liability Waiver on behalf of the underage participant and must remain in the lane with them during the shooting portion of the class.

All Range Rules apply.

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Jason P.
Great instructor

Kevin Z. was the instructor for this portion of the Ohio CCW course. Great recap of the online material including hands on safety, stance, grip, etc. Before we hit the range, Kevin answered questions in depth and made sure we were ready for the range. For the range portion, he helped diagnose issues as needed and gave pointers. For what it's worth, my second group was my best group to date.


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Ryan B.
“Gunny”was awesome!

Our instructor, "Gunny", did an excellent job of explaining each portion of the training and also showing great patience to make sure that everyone was safe and knew how to complete each task effectively. He also offered great encouragement, praise, and constructive criticism when needed. Excellent teacher! Would definitely be interested in taking additional classes that he teaches.


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Orion M.
Patrick was very helpful and informative with some good humor when appropriate!

I just finished the Concealed Carry Range Proficiency session at the Dayton store. I was excited and nervous, but Patrick did a great job of making things easy to understand and gave simple instructions for all required activities. I would highly recommend this course to friends and family! 
Patrick also gave great tips and advise, and even suggested private lessons for those who would like to learn more,  get customizable advise, and take away a bunch of useful drills to practice on their own. I am definitely considering purchasing a private lesson in the future. 

Thanks again guys! 


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Derek M

Overall the class was very easy and for my first time shooting a gun the instructor terry was amazing at explaining everything properly and handle everything well. He knew who to help everyone in different ways with people who didn’t have proper form and couldn’t hit a target.


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Ry P
Very well facilitated

Class was conducted safely and addressed and evaluated key competencies. This is not an introductory firearms course or training and should not be treated as such, rather, this is an evaluation of competency to safely operate and shoot a pistol. Recommend that those who have not handled firearms before take training and go shooting before taking this course.Toni was an excellent facilitator and would recommend her to anyone.

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