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Creating a welcoming place... 

Thank you for choosing to shoot and shop here—our entire team appreciates it. For those of you who’ve gone elsewhere in the past, you can probably relate to my story. 

It was 2012, and I was getting tired of being mistreated at the local gun shop and range. Stores were dirty, dark and disorganized. Their staff seemed more interested in “testing” my firearm knowledge than providing any customer service, with an attitude more condescending than educational. The whole process felt intimidating.

Why wasn’t buying or shooting a gun enjoyable like every other retail experience? What happened to “the customer is always right”? Sharing my experiences with others, I learned they were the norm in this industry. There just wasn’t a good venue for my fellow 50 million Mainstream Gun Enthusiasts. After two particularly bad shopping experiences one Saturday morning in February 2012, I had enough. There had to be a better way!

I was 51 years old, with no retail experience—just a strong belief that a common-sense approach in this segment of the firearms industry would be refreshing and welcomed. Despite the risks, I cashed in my 401k and savings, secured an SBA loan, and opened our first Range USA location in Cincinnati, Ohio that November.  The profits from that first year were put right back into the next one, and the rest is history.

Shoot Point Blank Blue Ash Store Front

At Range USA we’re committed to treating you right every time we have the opportunity. The loyalty of our customer base and the diligence of our associates have been the keys to our success. Our attitude is different than the rest and it shows.

I hope you fulfill the experience you came for, and I personally want to thank you for your business. I want your journey to Living Confidently to start with Range USA.

Live Confidently,
Tom Willingham

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is the cornerstone of our brand. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

It is our mission to promote responsible firearm ownership and usage through an engaged, honest, and knowledgeable team effort.

Our Values

Our vision serves as the framework for us and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

  • Curious: Proactively seeks out additional information to identify underlying issues and improve insight
  • Passionate: Heartfelt desire to serve the customer and share our knowledge in a way that drives enthusiasm for our product
  • Honest: Sincere, always does what is ethical, willingness to make the tough decisions, even when no one is looking
  • Adaptable: Able to adjust to new conditions rapidly to deliver an exemplary customer experience
  • Confident: Self-assured, knowledgeable about our products and how to serve the customer in the most effective way

Whether an expert or new to shooting, for recreation, protection or competition, whatever the reason we welcome all and are passionate about serving you!

What does it mean to Live Confidently?

Our customers purchase firearms, shoot on our ranges, and attend our training for several reasons. The underlying common theme is that everyone participates in order to live more confidently!

It is our goal to make sure every Range USA customer feels more confident about their firearm knowledge and handling when they leave our stores. Whether it’s through our classrooms, on our range or what they purchased, they should feel more comfortable, responsible and confident with their firearm.

If you’re going to own a firearm, be responsible and take full ownership of how to fire, clean and store it. We can’t stress how important this is to us and hopefully to you, and please Live Confidently!

Join the team

Exciting and fast-paced, a career at Range USA means moving quickly and being part of something we think is great. We believe in rewarding outstanding work, promoting from within and building long-term relationships with our associates. Our culture makes all of these things possible. It’s fun, supportive, competitive and a great place to grow your career. Join our team today! View our open positions