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America's Indoor Shooting Range

Our mission is to promote responsible firearm ownership through an honest, engaged, and knowledgeable team effort.
As we continue our commitment to raising the standards for safe, modern, and approachable indoor gun ranges, we hope you'll join us in growing the sport of shooting and promoting responsible firearm ownership.

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Leader in Firearms Education

  • Range USA is one of the largest firearms educators in the world, teaching tens of thousands of people annually.
  • Range USA effectively serves new and developing shooters, as that is the most critical time for someone to develop safe and responsible firearm habits.
  • Online and in-person classes, with certified instructors and on-site classrooms, make firearms education easy and accessible to all.

Safe Indoor Shooting Ranges

  • Our experience as the nation's largest indoor shooting range operator ensures our customers that our ranges are safe, clean, and open to all.
  • Range Safety Officers always on the range when in use, ensuring everyone’s safety and providing assistance as needed.
  • All indoor shooting ranges include soundproofing, bulletproof glass, AR500 steel, and baffled ceilings.
  • Ballistic-rubber back-stops allow for pistols and rifles of most calibers.
  • Climate-controlled, HEPA-filtered air at 75 CFM makes the air on our ranges comfortable, safe, and clean.

Welcoming Stores

  • Range USA stores are welcoming, clean, safe, and bright with friendly, professional associates.
  • A large selection of firearms, ammo, shooting supplies and accessories are available at each location.
  • Over 40,000 products available at Range USA with free in-store pickup.
  • Memberships are valid for use at every Range USA location.
  • JOIN THE TEAM: If you think there should be more responsible gun owners in the world, help our mission by joining our team.

A note from our founder, Tom Willingham:

I was excited when a friend invited me to go to my first gun shop and indoor range one Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the range we visited was dark, dirty, disorganized and the people were rude. They seemed more interested in “testing” our knowledge with a condescending tone than providing real service. I just wanted to buy a gun and shoot it with my friend — but the whole process was intimidating and completely frustrating.

Why wasn’t buying a firearm an easy, pleasant experience like most other retail shopping? Why were ranges dark, dirty, and scary? I learned from friends this was the norm. After another trip to a gun shop, I thought this experience could be made a whole lot better. Shooters were being underserved and misrepresented, which was a shame because shooting is so much fun!

I was 51 years old, with no experience in the industry—just a belief that a common-sense approach would be welcomed. I used all my savings and opened our first location in Cincinnati in 2012. We focused on making sure people had a good experience, whether it was their first visit to a range or if they had been shooting for decades. The profits from that first store were put into the next location, and from there we kept adding stores. Today, we are the largest operator of indoor shooting ranges in the world.

At Range USA we’re committed to treating you right every time we have the opportunity. The loyalty of our customers and the diligence of our associates have been the keys to our success. Our attitude is different because we have a clear mission – to develop responsible gun owners. We do this by providing a welcoming, mainstream retail experience with modern, safe indoor ranges for our customers of all experience levels.

Thank you for helping us become “America’s Indoor Shooting Range,” and for helping us further our mission every day!

--Tom Willingham