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Range USA is proud to offer several monthly Gun Range Membership levels with great benefits to accommodate our customers' unique lifestyles, budgets, and needs.

*When a waitlist is in effect, unlimited shooting is reduced to 2 hours; then members will be asked to exit the range and placed at the top of the waitlist.
**Discount cannot be combined with sale prices.
Range time must be reserved at least two hours in advance. Reservations will be canceled if they are not checked in on time.
Fees are charged to a credit card on a monthly recurring basis. Membership must remain active for a minimum of three months before canceling.

Are you active or retired military? A veteran or first responder?

Qualified Defenders receive 25% off our membership prices! Learn more


This range is one of my favorites! The staff are very helpful and check you in very quickly! The prices are great, especially if you get the membership, it practically pays for it self! The range is very clean and well kept.

Alex B.


I love this shop!!! I have gotten nothing but top notch service from all these guys. Great indoor range, liked it so much I bought a monthly membership because I go shoot there so often, it saves tons of $$$ just being a member if your going to shoot at least once a week. If you are looking for a solid indoor range / gun shop on the NW side they can't be beat. I have bought several guns at this location at a very solid price, Ethan has been the one to help me each time, he is amazing, but I would trust talking to most of their staff to answer any questions I had before buying another gun!

Justin C.


Had a great time. Talked to several employees; all of which were courteous and knowledgeable. Facility was clean, safe and well organized. Range officer was very nice and helpful. Even after the range time, a couple of employees asked if we had fun. Went ahead a bought a Premium membership, so by going only twice a month I've paid for it. Definitely recommended!

Brad N.


Have been members since the day it opened and never regretted one moment. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are always the best in town. Range is well regulated and safe. Definitely recommended!



Clean and very organized. All staff were very knowledgeable and safe. Lanes had a Ranger that ensured policies were being followed. Very safe atmosphere. They were not pushy and their prices for rental are very good. The membership price is well worth it if you went more than once a month. Very busy in the weekend but we went on early Friday. Good variety for rent and to purchase. They also offer classes. Highly recommend this place.

Maryrose R.


I’ve been an all access member of Shoot Point Blank since they opened a few years ago! Best shooting range around, staff is very helpful when it comes to sales or assistance during the range time! Highly recommended.



A very high caliber establishment. The best bang for your buck is the monthly membership...puns intended :-)

Bon J.


I love this range... took the concealed handgun license course with my girlfriend. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. The staff is super friendly and helpful, the place is new, clean, and well kept, and the membership perks are great... Even if you go once or twice a month, the premium membership is worth it because usually it’s $20/hour for range time, and $15 to rent their firearms. 5 stars for this place, keep up the good work.



Clean facility, very nice staff, good selection of guns and gear. Range is nice, maybe not as high tech as others I've visited, but still very nice. I visited a couple of times before signing up as a member. Really like that membership is month-to-month so you have flexibility if things change.

Brad H.


Clean and clear range, feel comfy to shoot here, recommend to buy the membership, very good benefits.

Haitao C.


As a first-time gun owner, it was critical to practice with my new handgun. This membership allowed me to be able to practice as frequently as I see fit during the weekdays, early access to the store, having access to ammo for members only (for target practice), and be able to reserve my shooting lane. I do not regret it at all!

Ulises B.

Where can I see my membership details?

You can view your membership details by signing into your account online and going to My Account. From there, click on "Manage Memberships."

Is my membership good at all Range USA locations?

Yes. See our locations here.

What is unlimited shooting?

Members can shoot unlimited until there is a wait for the range. When a waitlist is in effect, unlimited shooting is reduced to 2 hours; then members will be asked to exit the range and placed at the top of the waitlist.

How do I reserve range time?

Sign into your account online, go to My Account and you will see a dropdown containing store locations. Choose your store and click "Reserve Range Time." From here, select your time. Range reservations must be made at least two hours in advance. Reservations will be canceled if they are not checked in on time.

How often can I bring a guest?

Elite and Premium members can bring one guest every visit. Your guest will share the lane with you. Two shooters are allowed in each lane.

How do I get my member discount?

If you are logged in, all prices shown reflect your discount where applicable. When shopping in the store, scanning your ID at checkout will apply the member discount where applicable. Member discounts do not apply to sale items.

Will I receive a membership card?

Your membership is tied to your ID. Once you purchase your membership you are ready to use your benefits.

How will I be billed?

A membership will be billed to your credit card on the same date every month. You can cancel your membership or update your payment method at any time. Sign into your account online, go to My Account and click "Manage Memberships."

Where do I update my credit card information?

Sign into your account online, go to My Account and click "Payment Methods" to update your billing information or to change your credit card on file.

What if I want to switch my membership to a different level?

Cancel your current membership and then sign up for a new membership at the desired level.

When and how can I cancel my membership?

Monthly memberships may be canceled by providing a ten (10) day notice prior to your next monthly due date to stop a charge from generating. To cancel your membership you can click Here. Then click "Cancel Membership, and follow the prompts.

Do you have a discount for active military, veterans, or first responders?

Yes, choose a Defender Membership here.

What is a qualified Defender?

Defender Membership is available to all former or active military as well as all first responders including but not limited to fire fighters, police, EMS, and emergency services personnel.

What if my card expires or doesn't successfully charge?

You will be notified via email of any issues related to your card processing. To update card information log into My Account and click Payment Methods. Please note that we will attempt to charge daily, catching up any payments missed in prior months. This may result in multiple charges within the same month.

Where can I find more information about Range USA and the Products or Services you offer?

You can visit Help Center.


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