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Unlimited shooting on weekdays*

Invitations to Special Events

Early Access Days and Member Discount Days

*When a waitlist is in effect, unlimited shooting is reduced to 2 hours; then members will be asked to exit the range and placed at the top of the waitlist.  

Product TypeSubscription Startup

11 reviews have been written for this product.

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Range USA visit

First visit to Range USA Hanover Park.  By far the best gun range I have ever been too .Helpful friendly staff. Great lighting. Great ventilation system ( You could fart and no one would notice. Plus they are all wearing ear muffs) Range is roomy and comfortable and very clean.  I'll definitely be back often.

Worth The money

Paid for itself the first day alone. Got a free $35 dollar range bag and visited twice in one day. Plan to go at least 2-3 times a week. Don't have time to shoot on the weekends so this was the perfect membership cost wise for me.

Mike P
Pays for itself!

Bought a basic membership. Paid for itself 1st week as I went 3 times! Even if you only go twice a month it will pay for itself. Well worth the $$.


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Gary D
No Brainer!

I go twice per week & only M-F, so the weekday membership is fantastic for this retired guy.
Cliff is the best Rangemaster, ever!

Jon T.
Great Value

I used to pay for each visit and one of the great associates kept reminding me that it’s a better value to be a Basic Member. So true. I really am glad I switched. (Now that Ammo prices have gone up it makes me feel like me shooting session is still very affordable) ! Thx

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