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Basic Handgun Online Firearm Safety Course

The Basic Handgun Online Firearm Safety Course provides owners with the understanding and familiarization needed to become more confident and competent as firearm owners.

As an introductory course, you'll learn the fundamentals of safely owning, using, and caring for a handgun through various topics, including disassembly, cleaning, clearing malfunctions, and more.

Our Basic Firearms Safety Course is designed to complement your unique schedule, is self-paced, and has no minimum time requirements. The final exam will be available at the end of this course and be passed for completion to receive your digital certificate of completion.

  • Class Objective:  The primary goal of our Basic Firearms Safety Course is to provide firearm owners with the knowledge necessary to safely and confidently describe the cycle of operations and parts for handguns, identify and clear common malfunctions, learn about the different grip/aim/stance methods, and proper loading/unloading procedures.
  • Firearms:  Firearm not required for Online Course
  • Ammunition:  No Ammunition required for Online Course
  • Gear Required:  No Gear Required for Online Course
  • Cost:  $50.00
  • Length:  4 Hours of Firearm Safety Instruction

After purchase, to access your Basic Handgun Online Firearm Safety Course, navigate to the Education Courses section of your Range USA Account page.

*Note: The Online Basic Firearms Safety Course does not include or require range attendance.

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Reviewer has purchased this product.

Tara C
Great online course

I took the basic handgun online course just as a refresher really.  I thought it was informative and appreciated it not being boring.  Great class. 


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Tymar W
Easy and fast learning

The class was very easy to navigate and to follow the course. I'm very happy with the outcome. Thank you


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Brandon S
Very good for beginners.

Took this course for work. It is very good for beginners and even has some value for lifelong shooters. Always good to go over the basics every once in a while.


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Tim L
Very helpful for people who are just getting into handguns

Very helpful I think the class is worth taking it’s a very good starting point for beginners will help you get a basic understanding the your grip rules for range and rules you should follow every day you are using your gun and many other important to know Recommend this course for the beginner it would also help novice to refresh there memories


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