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Indoor Gun Range Rental Information

Whether you are interested in purchasing a new handgun, rifle, or shotgun, or you are looking for a fun activity with family and friends, renting a firearm is a great way to find a model that fits your needs while having an enjoyable experience.

At Range USA, we carry a large selection of handguns and rifles available to rent. Each store location features top brands like Glock, Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, Ruger, and many more!

Are you interested in test-firing a specialty firearm? In addition to having several rental options with high-end optics (where eligible), we also carry unique models like the SCAR 17 and Kriss Vector to try before you buy!

To view the gun range rental prices nearest you, select your desired Range USA store location found under Store/Range.

Indoor Gun Range Rental Policy

Due to safety reasons, outside ammunition will NOT be authorized for use with any Range USA rental firearm. Customers must purchase their ammunition at the time of their rental, on location.

If it is your first time visiting us at Range USA, completion of our Range Liability Waiver is required. Customers must complete and sign this form before utilizing the indoor shooting range and completing their firearm rental.

Our goal is to ensure all guests have a safe and comfortable experience while using our indoor gun ranges. To help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, we've created a list of the 4 Gun Safety Rules along with our Gun Safety Rules and Gun Range Requirement.