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If you prefer individual instruction to a classroom setting, one of our Private Lessons is a great option. Lessons typically include a classroom session followed by range time and are a great solution for students with time constraints and busy schedules. If you’d like to train with a friend or family member, bring them along for a small additional charge.

Length: 90 Minutes of Customized,
In-person Private Firearm Instruction
Get the Personalized Training You Want.
By enrolling in a private lesson, you’ll receive one-on-one, professional instruction that doesn’t always occur in a classroom setting. Our instructors are well-trained, courteous and will make you feel comfortable to help you become a more responsible firearm owner.
Typical Lesson Topics
Our instructors have provided hundreds of individual lessons and are knowledgeable and skilled to accommodate most students’ needs.
New Firearm Owner
If you just purchased a firearm and are new to shooting, a Private Lesson is great way to become more confident and comfortable with your new gun. Our instructors will teach you best practices on how to properly operate, maintain, clean and store your firearm.

Experienced Shooter
Just like a coach or personal trainer, sometimes you need assistance on how to reach your goals. A Private Lesson can help you improve your shooting accuracy, build more confidence or learn a new shooting skill!
Find the right day for you
Additional Benefits of a Private Lesson
  • •Fast, convenient scheduling options where you pick the time, date and your instructor. Each student is allowed up to 1 reschedule.
  • •If you’re considering owning a firearm, a Private Lesson is a great way to test-fire several firearms from over 50 rental firearms available in our stores. You only pay one rental fee, not for every changeout.
  • •Training not only includes handguns but rifles as well. However, we don’t encourage shotgun training in our ranges, only classroom material.

By enrolling in a private gun and shooting lesson at Range USA, you’ll learn under our firearm experts’ close supervision. Whatever the desired subject or content, our primary goal is to help students better understand basic firearm fundamentals, increase their confidence, and create more responsible firearm owners.

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