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Gun Cleaning

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At Range USA, we firmly believe a clean, well-maintained firearm is safer and essential for ensuring its safety and functionality. All firearm experts will tell you the importance of properly maintaining your handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

While there's no shortage of cleaning methods, many owners don't have the time or the knowledge to clean and service their firearms. That's why we aim to deliver gun cleaning and gunsmith services that are reliable and affordable to keep you safe on and off the range.

If your handgun or rifle is overdue for a cleaning, contact or visit your local Range USA to book your gun cleaning service today.

Below is a list of our Gun Cleaning Services and their estimated pricing:

  • Field Strip and Clean
  • Detailed Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning


The Field Strip and Clean consist of disassembling the firearm to its major components, cleaning those components, lubricating it to factory specifications, completing the reassembly, and performing a safety check.

A Detailed Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning involves the complete disassembly (including small components), inspecting all components to ensure the firearm is reliable and safe, and finally removing all carbon. Once finished, the firearm is inspected to ensure all carbon build-up has been removed. If cleared, the firearm is lubricated to factory specifications, reassembled, and undergoes a safety check/function test.


Ultrasonic Gun cleaning services are sought out because of its effective process. The cleaning takes place in a stainless-steel tank containing a special cleaning solution formulated for particular cleaning tasks.
  1. The process begins with completely disassembling the firearm according to the manufacturer's instructions. Any loose contaminants are removed by brush before all components (minus grips and stocks) are placed into the cleaning basket.
  2. Once the Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning service has started, the cleaning basket is then lowered into the solution, and a timer is set for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. After the cycle has ended, the basket is removed, and all firearm parts are examined. If the firearm has been properly cleaned, the components are wiped down and left to dry before lubrication. *Lubrication is a crucial component in reducing wear on your firearm.
  4. Once thoroughly dried, the firearm is again inspected to ensure no dust or carbon is left behind, hindering the overall functionality of the handgun or rile.
  5. Finally, the firearm is placed in a sterile environment to reduce the chances of dust or damage and is carefully reassembled before the exterior is adequately oiled and safety tested.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Process – By GunSonic