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Basic Handgun Online Gun Safety Course Benefits

Learn at your own pace with our Online Gun Safety Course

Learn at your own pace

Our Gun Safety Course is easy to use on all devices

For Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet

Great for beginners, or those needing a refresher

Great for beginners, or those needing a refresher

Learn basic handgun safety and operations from the comfort of your home

"Learn the basics of handgun operations and safety from your own home or mobile device."

Whether you are a first-time owner or need a comprehensive review, a handgun safety course is perfect for learning the basics of firearm operation, techniques, and safety procedures.

At Range USA, we aim to provide you with the necessary skills to be a knowledgeable handgun owner. Throughout our online handgun safety course, you'll find easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate handgun lessons, including safety instructions, detailed illustrations, videos, and assessment checks.

What You Will Learn

Firearm safety


Types of malfunctions and how to handle them


Proper stance


Proper grip


Aiming techniques


Proper trigger control

Trigger Control

Handgun Ammunition

Handgun Ammo

Handgun parts

Handgun Parts

Safe firearm ownership

Firearm Ownership

How to use the range

Using the Range

Basic Handgun Online

$50 | Estimated Length: 4 Hours

Learn the fundamentals of owning, safely using, and caring for a handgun. This self-guided course is ideal for first time shooters, new handgun owners, or as a refresher for anyone who has been away from firearms for a while.

This training is self-paced and has no minimum time requirement. The Final Exam will be available at the end of this course and must be passed for completion.

This course will be accessible under the Education Courses section of the Account page.


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