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  • Product Details

Unlimited shooting on weekdays*

Unlimited shooting on weekends*

Invitations to Special Events

Early Access Days and Member Discount Days

5% discount on ammo and accessories**

Reserve range time+

One free guest

Free firearm rentals

*When a waitlist is in effect, unlimited shooting is reduced to 2 hours; then members will be asked to exit the range and placed at the top of the waitlist. 

**Discount cannot be combined with sale prices.

+Range time must be reserved at least two hours in advance.


Product TypeSubscription Startup
Meta DescriptionExperience world-class firearms training and enjoy exclusive benefits with our Premium Membership. Visit Range USA, the premier indoor shooting range today!
Meta TitleGet Access to Exclusive Benefits with Premium Membership | Range USA
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02/18/2023 by Melanie

Premium says “one free guest”. Is that once a month or each time you visit you can bring a guest?

02/21/2023 by Renee B

Hi Melanie.

There is no limit on the amount of times you can bring a guest. 

02/17/2023 by Stan s

Are membership for one year

02/21/2023 by Range USA Staff

Hi Stan,

Memberships are charged per month.

02/16/2023 by Pedro Saboya

Can you cancel anytime

02/21/2023 by Range USA Staff

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. You will want to cancel at least 10 days before your bill renews to avoid the the next months charge.

02/18/2023 by NINO

Im interested of your range but this is my first time and i Don't have any idea when it comes to guns, what should i do? do you do walk ins?

02/21/2023 by Range USA Staff


You most certainly can walk in and an associate will be happy to help you get started and answer any questions you have. We offer classes both in person and online, as well as private lessons to help you gain confidence and learn responsible gun ownership. 

02/04/2023 by Terry B

Does the premium membership work at all range USA places.

02/15/2023 by Range USA Staff

Hi Terry,

Memberships are good to use at all Range USA locations.

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Farhan M.
great deal whichever way you go

the memberships are great deal for all level of shooters, the premium one was the best for me , because guns go on sale sometimes and that lowers the prices more than the 5% the elite one offers, but if you interested in taking classes and transferring guns from other FFLs, then go for the elite. keep in mind, 2 visits a month and that membership already paid for itself, specially if you bring someone with you [guest]. range always has an officer and always clean, shells always being swept . friendly staff all around.


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Bill B
Excellent value and un a brand new range too

have used several other ranges and one had the best price and benefits for an indoor range. The lighting is excellent. There are probably 6 to 7 gun cases with handguns to purchase. As a member (39.99/mn) you can go as often as you like and bring one guest at no charge. There is a one-time $6 fee on your first visit for you and each guest. The selection of rental guns is very good and you can use any of them for no fee buy you must buy their ammo. Same as most ranges that I have been too. The staff is very nice, professional and knowledgeable too.

Tom W
Premium Membership

Great value compared to other ranges in the area. This membership does not require an application fee and is month to month. I have been able to go 3-4 times per week without a wait or any delays. The facility is clean and well-ventilated, and I appreciate the convenient availability of the sink when leaving the range.

Tony S
Basic handgun

Awesome class, learned a lot, as my wife and myself are basically beginners. Staff here in Baton Rouge are awesome!

Incredible value for the money

The Range USA Premium membership is probably one of the best ongoing deals Range USA sells. It's no secret Range USA gun range fees and gun rental fees can be pricey if paying a'la carte. For a mere $39.99 (at the time of this review) per month a premium member doesn't have to pay range fees or gun rental fees.

The savings can add up quick especially if a member visits the range more than 2-3 times in one month. That's just on range fees alone. Factor in renting 2-3 guns in one month and the premium membership has paid for itself twice over already. The more range visits with or without gun rentals a member makes per month, the more the savings stack on top of each other.

In my first month I've already racked up more than half a dozen visits and more than half a dozen gun rentals. Paying separately each time would have set me back more than six times what a monthly premium membership goes for. That being said when using a gun rental the ammunition must be purchased that day from Range USA. This is fairly standard practice at most public gun ranges that rent guns. So if you buy a large quantity of ammunition due to a Range USA promotion sale, always avail yourself of a compatible gun rental during the same visit.

The annual range maintenance fee still must be paid whether one is a member or not. At the time of this review that's $6 collected once every twelve months. Considering Range USA maintains the best working ventilation system of any indoor gun range I have ever experienced this fee seems reasonable in my opinion.

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