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Glock G42 380 ACP 3.25in Barrel 6+1 Round Capacity Fixed Sights

(5 Reviews)

SKU: UI4250201
Model: 42
UPC: 764503910616
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  • Product Details

The Glock G42 380 ACP is the ultimate concealed carry pistol, perfect for those looking for a reliable and robust option. This pistol is designed with the user in mind and is the perfect size for pocket carry and deep concealment. Its slimline design makes it ideal for shooters with smaller hands, who often struggle to find a comfortable fit.

The G42 is engineered to be one of the most reliable and trusted concealed carry options on the market. It uses the Safe Action System found in all Glock pistols, which has been honed over 25 years of excellence in engineering. The G42 is the smallest pistol introduced by Glock, making it a top choice for those who want a compact and discreet option.

Regarding the features, the G42 boasts a 3.25-inch barrel and a 6+1 round capacity. Equipped with a fixed front sight and rear sight for enhanced accuracy. It is made from durable and lightweight materials, making it an easy and comfortable option for everyday carry. Whether you're an experienced shooter or just starting, the Glock G42 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable, power-packed concealed carry option.

The Glock G42 380 ACP is perfect for a compact, reliable, and powerful concealed carry option. Whether you're looking for a pocket carry or a deep concealment option, the G42 will surely exceed your expectations. With its slimline design, accurate fixed sight system, and trusted Safe Action System, the G42 is a top choice for anyone looking for the best-concealed carry.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe Action System: Trusted and proven design for ultimate reliability and peace of mind.
  • Slimline Design: Ideal for pocket carry and deep concealment methods, perfect for smaller hands.
  • 380 ACP Power: Delivers the stopping power you need in a compact and concealed package.
  • 3.25in Barrel: Easy to carry and maneuver in tight spaces.
  • 6+1 Round Capacity: Enough ammunition for personal defense with the option for an extra round.
  • Comfortable Fit: Designed to fit comfortably in the hands of any shooter.
  • Personal Defense Ready: Perfect for those who prioritize personal protection.
  • 25 Years of Engineering Excellence: Backed by a legacy of quality and performance.
  • Deep Concealment: Ideal for those who need a pistol that is easy to carry and hide.
  • Small But Mighty: Don't let its size fool you; the Glock G42 380 ACP 3.25in Barrel 6+1 Round Capacity FS is a powerful concealed carry option.


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  • Questions & Answers

3 questions answered for this product.

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02/28/2023 by Customer

What is the barrel length of the Glock G42 380ACP?

02/28/2023 by Range USA Staff

The barrel length of the Glock G42 380ACP is 3.25 inches. This makes it easy to conceal and comfortable for most everyday uses.

02/28/2023 by Customer

How many rounds of ammunition can the Glock G42 380ACP hold?

02/28/2023 by Range USA Staff

The Glock G42 380ACP has a 6+1 round capacity, allowing ample ammunition for personal defense or recreational shooting.

02/28/2023 by Customer

What type of caliber does the Glock G42 380ACP have?

02/28/2023 by Range USA Staff

The Glock G42 380ACP has a .380 Auto caliber. It is a lightweight, slimline subcompact pistol for concealed carry and personal defense.

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Reviewer has purchased this product.

Charles W.
G42 Pocket Carry

Was looking for a pocket carry for when I can’t carry my EDC IWB. After lots of research I chose the G42 over the LCP Max due to trigger and accuracy. The Sticky holster is a perfect fit and looks like nothing more than a cell phone in my athletic shorts pocket. Great Glock trigger and extremely light gun. Shoots great very accurate. Perfect pocket carry for me. Staff was great as always!

The slide

I love the pistol. Problem is I can’t pull the slide back. Is there any help for that?


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Paul S.
Accurate concealed carry my take and forget gun

Got this for concealed carry. I found it to be small enough to take anywhere anytime so now I can be armed 24/7 and not have to think about it. The grip is a bit small so I rest my pinky under the magazine. I'm telling you with minimal practice this thing is accurate. Standard magazine is 6 plus one so that's critical. I got the 7 plus one extended and you can't tell the difference. Recoil is smooth I can shoot this gun all day. This guns easy to limp wrist so I do recommend practicing a bit. There's no manual safety on this gun which made me nervous at first but I'm used to it now. I keep this gun with one in the chamber in random pockets in my clothing. I've sat on it laid down on it. I think as long as you reserve the pocket for just the 42 you'll never accidentally pull the trigger.

Nice ccw pistol

Nice, light accurate, and elite engineering.


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Michael A
Great investment.

After months of research I finally purchased the G42 for my EDC. Unboxed and took it to the range shortly after the purchase. Shots just like all glocks, smooth and accurate. Extremely compact and easy to conceal. My only piece of advice is purchase the extended magazines.

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