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Ruger LCP Max 380ACP 2.8in Barrel 10+1 75th Anniversary

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SKU: 13775
Model: LCP Max
UPC: 736676137756
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  • Product Details

The Ruger LCP Max 380ACP 75th Anniversary Edition stands as a testament to Ruger's enduring commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of concealed carry firearms. With its compact and lightweight design, this special edition pistol pays homage to 75 years of Ruger excellence while delivering a potent and concealable self-defense solution.

In terms of design, the LCP Max boasts a 2.8-inch barrel for enhance concealement. Its reduced dimensions make it an ideal choice for discreet carry, allowing users to confidently carry it for personal protection. The special edition markings and finishes underscore Ruger's rich history, making this pistol not only a reliable tool but also a collector's item that commemorates a legacy of firearms craftsmanship.

Despite its size, the LCP Max doesn't compromise on firepower. With a 10+1 round capacity, it provides users with a substantial ammunition supply, ensuring readiness in critical situations. Whether carried in a pocket holster or concealed in an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster, the LCP Max is designed to be convenient for everyday carry, offering users a reliable and accessible means of self-defense.

Enhancements in features make the LCP Max a standout in its category. The improved trigger, textured grip, and high-visibility sights contribute to better control and accuracy, addressing key considerations for a concealed carry firearm. Ruger's reputation for reliability is evident in the LCP Max, instilling confidence in users who prioritize safety and performance in their choice of a concealed carry handgun.

Key Features:

  1. Chambered in .380ACP: Balancing manageable recoil and stopping power.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Designed for easy and discreet everyday carry.
  3. 10+1 Round Capacity: Provides ample ammunition for self-defense scenarios.
  4. 75th Anniversary Commemoration:Celebrate Ruger's 75-year legacy.
  5. Enhanced Features: Improved trigger, textured grip, and high-visibility sights for better control and accuracy.
  6. Reliability: Upholds Ruger's reputation for dependable firearms.
  7. Collector's Item: Limited edition design adds collectible value to this functional self-defense tool.


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ModelLCP Max
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