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Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2in Barrel 12+1(2) Round Capacity Adjsutable Sights Thumb Safety

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SKU: 1G2C93112
Model: G2c
UPC: 725327616030
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  • Product Details

The Taurus G2C is a compact and reliable pistol designed for both experienced shooters and those new to firearms. Its 9mm chambering and compact 3.2-inch barrel strike a balance between firepower and concealability, making it suitable for everyday carry and self-defense.

Crafted with a polymer frame and finished in matte black, the G2C offers durability and a sleek, understated appearance. The adjustable sights enhance accuracy and precision, allowing shooters to customize their sight picture for improved target acquisition.

Equipped with a manual thumb safety, the G2C provides an additional layer of security, allowing users to confidently carry the pistol in various carry positions. This safety feature ensures peace of mind, especially when holstering or transporting the firearm.

The G2C comes with two magazines, each capable of holding 12 rounds plus one in the chamber, providing ample firepower for defensive situations. With a total of 25 rounds at your disposal, you can confidently handle threats with ease and efficiency.

Overall, the Taurus G2C combines reliable performance, user-friendly features, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable everyday carry pistol or a reliable self-defense firearm.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Sights: Customize sight picture for improved accuracy.

  • Manual Thumb Safety: Provides additional security during carry and transport.

  • High-Capacity Magazines: Two 12-round magazines for a total of 25 rounds.

  • Compact Design: Polymer frame and 3.2-inch barrel for easy concealment.

  • Reliable Performance: Striker-fired action and durable construction ensure consistent performance.




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Meta DescriptionExplore the Taurus G2C 9mm pistol with 12+1(2) round capacity, adjustable sights, and a manual thumb safety for confident everyday carry and self-defense protection.
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Meta TitleTaurus G2C 9mm: Reliable and Compact Self-Defense Pistol
Rebate Start Date2023-10-15
Rebate Expiration2024-01-15
  • Questions & Answers

3 questions answered for this product.

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01/27/2023 by Customer

Does the Taurus G2C 9mm have a manual safety?

01/27/2023 by Range USA Staff

Yes, the Taurus G2C 9mm is equipped with a manual thumb safety, which allows the user to manually engage or disengage the safety mechanism for added safety and security when handling the firearm. The manual thumb safety is located on the frame of the pistol, and is easy to operate and use.

01/27/2023 by Customer

What is the barrel length of the Taurus G2C 9mm?

01/27/2023 by Range USA Staff

The Taurus G2C 9mm has a 3.2 inch barrel, which is perfect for concealed carry while still providing improved accuracy and maneuverability.

01/27/2023 by Customer

How many rounds does the Taurus G2C 9mm hold?

01/27/2023 by Range USA Staff

The Taurus G2C 9mm has a 12+1 capacity, providing ample ammunition for self-defense and range practice.

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4.5 out of 5

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Reviewer has purchased this product.

Mark G
Great Little Gun

I was intrigued about this little Taurus G2C 9mm, and at the price it was offered I decided to bite. Purchasing through Range USA was awesome. Bought it on line, got email updates on status, it was shipped and arrived at my local range quickly, and I went in and picked it up, then went back to run some rounds through it. Yes, as other reviewers likely noted, the trigger isn't great, but it isn't terrible either. I ran 300 rounds through it straight out of the box and it never missed a tick. Shot well and ate everything I fed it. Planning to take it back for more - I like the grip and capacity much more than my older M&P Shield. Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised and looking forward to more range time with it. If things go well and I build trust in its reliability it will become my EDC. I gave it a 5 star rating because of combination of price and function.

Awesome gun

Highly recommend this gun great quality for the price just put in a 100 rounds no problems. Do not listen to sales person said it was not a good gun. you buy what you want to buy you have your price range If not sure what you wanna buy you can always  Rent them at the range.


Reviewer has purchased this product.

DeAngelo F.
Great Budget Gun

If Your looking for a budget gun to do its job, here you go!!!!! Don't suggest using the cheapest ammo you can find. it shoots and its accurate


Reviewer has purchased this product.

Richard D.
Happy customer!!!

Thanks again, you're customer service is awesome. Just bought another gun for my wife and will keep on doing business with you!!!

Joe H.
Great little CCW

I have owned and shot this gun (well the original PT111 G2) for about 5 years now. I bought it new and qualified for my CCW with this gun. It has been a great shooter right out of the box (always field strip and clean and lube first thing out of box - before even trying to shoot). I had a few (3-4) jams with miss feeds on the first 200 rounds - typical of new break in. I used a small wood dowell and some 800 followed by 1000 grit sandpaper to polish the ramp and has fed every ammo I have put in it since with no exception - after break in, it will eat anything. 

It has shot very well right out of box - I was pulling 3" left of hold every shot - adjusted my grip and trigger pull and have shot sub 1" groups at 10 yards consistently. 

you may need to drift the rear sight for your hold - remember RSFO (Rear same/front opposite) with regards to where you want to move point of impact.

this is my daily carry - I have carried this daily for 5 years and still trust my life and the lives of my family and friends to it.

oil it up, break it in, train regularly, and enjoy the shot - it's a great little piece.


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