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Kimber Custom LW 1911 45acp 5in Range Bag Combo

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SKU: 3700812
Model: Custom LW
UPC: 669278378121
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  • Product Details

The Kimber Custom LW 1911 .45 ACP 5-inch Range Bag Combo brings together a meticulously crafted 1911 pistol and essential accessories for a complete shooting experience. With a 5-inch barrel, the Kimber 1911 LW KCB offers a perfect balance of accuracy and maneuverability. The lightweight frame enhances portability without compromising on durability, ensuring a comfortable and reliable shooting platform. Chambered in .45 ACP, this pistol provides the stopping power needed for self-defense and delivers a classic yet modern firearm experience.

The bundle includes three 7-round magazines, offering ample capacity for extended shooting sessions and quick reloads during range activities. The Mission First Tactical Holster is purpose-built for secure and accessible firearm carry, emphasizing both durability and functionality. Complementing this, the Mission First Tactical Mag Holster ensures efficient magazine access, allowing for organized and convenient magazine handling during shooting sessions.

To facilitate easy storage and transportation, the Kimber Range Bag is specifically designed for this ensemble. Featuring multiple compartments, the range bag allows organized storage of the 1911, magazines, holsters, and additional accessories. This comprehensive bundle is tailored for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the 1911 platform, offering a complete solution with high-quality components for a satisfying and convenient shooting experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Kimber 1911 LW KCB:

    • 5-inch barrel for accuracy and maneuverability.
    • Lightweight frame for enhanced portability.
    • .45 ACP caliber for reliable stopping power.
  • Three (3) 7-Round Magazines:

    • Ample capacity for extended shooting sessions.
    • Quick and convenient reloads during range activities.
  • Mission First Tactical Holster:

    • Purpose-built for secure and accessible firearm carry.
    • Durable and functional for everyday use.
  • Mission First Tactical Mag Holster:

    • Dedicated magazine holster for efficient magazine access.
    • Ensures organized and convenient magazine handling.
  • Kimber Range Bag:

    • Specifically designed for secure storage and easy transportation.
    • Multiple compartments for organized storage of the 1911, magazines, holsters, and accessories.


ModelCustom LW
Meta DescriptionShop the Kimber 1911 LW KCB bundle with .45 ACP caliber and Mission First Tactical Holster for secure and accessible carry.
Meta KeywordsKimber 1911
Meta Title1911 Club Bundle | Range USA
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William B.
Better than expected

I saw people online giving a bad review to this gun, but I decided to still purchase. I took it straight to the range and was really impressed. No jams, very accurate, lightweight ... I honestly couldn't be happier with the purchase... don't let the internet fool you judge for yourself. Also at this price, you can't go wrong.

Clayton P.
Nice looking gun with a punch.

This is my first .45, so these are only my impressions. First of all, the package is nice with the magazines, holster, magazine holster. I love the look of the gun. Looks impressive enough to scare someone off without getting near the trigger. It has a pretty good kick when you fire. Even with that, I find it to be extremely accurate. To take it apart to clean, it is a little more cumbersome than most, but still easy. I really like this one.

John G.
I have two buys! Twins.

Thank You Range USA. 30 years + own and 25 + Carry. 1989 first buy G17, only Glock 9mm 7 other buys various models. My brother Steve’s first Gun S&W 1911 circa 1994ish. . come on - we shoot what we are best with, me 9mm. But every sentient being knows .45 is Gods Choice and Kimber one of his ArchAngles! Love this weapon.

Kimber LW

This is my first Kimber and first 45acp. I’m very pleased with the performance of this Kimber pisto. Great price. Have my own shooting area and shot 4 shots to get the feel of it. Shot 4 more and double stack 2 and 2 more in the bullseye. Got to say I’m very impressed. Fires great accurate and easy trigger pull. Highly recommend this bundle package.

Nice Kimber. Nice package. Good price

I have had the TLE II for 20 years. Super happy with it. This Kimber LW version is aluminum frame 32oz empty compared to the TLE 38oz empty. Packaged with extra mags, Mission first holster and mag holster, and rage bag, makes a top notch kit. Look at Kimber America dot com and compare for yourself. —-Dear Santa, please review your list and consider this package for my gift this Christmas. Thank you for all your great work. GM.

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